Written by: nette onclaud

He called a name in the middle of night
Replaying the words, the tempting desire
The voice of instinct I cannot rewrite,
I looked in the mirror; my soul fumed a fire.

He woke up evading a clear deceit
My trust splintered like a broken toy, used
Recalling how they brushed cheeks with light heat
And thought ballroom girl was simply amused.

I took a shower, peeling stain’s disgust
Watching the suds fall down on muddy tiles
Then the new moon whispered, “ are you just?”
A bubble lifted the fog pacing a deep smile.

He  brushed my cheek the way I saw them first
And walked out in the light of inner power,
Reclaiming the glow of self- worth, affirmed
Yes I’m woman, but also a warrior.

Adultery Contest of Delilah Ventura
by nette onclaud