no title

Written by: katlin bouse

Can we learn how to 
express our feelings?
If you can look in my 
soul deep enough, 
we have a chance to 
build new beginings.
I know we can do it, but 
life is rough.

When I'm down, I have 
lazy day in bed.
Every loss, every lie, it 
hurts deeply.
Trying to do all the 
math in my head;
all apologies are done 
so cheaply.

Heart-ache takes 
control like a disaster.
You keep sucking me in 
like a black hole.
Nature takes its course 
before it's better.
I am hurt clear down to 
my endless soul.

I know throughout lie, 
there's trials for me;
so I will find who I am, 
that's the key.