mama mia

Written by: The Situation

long before i met April
i was a poet true
i had a heart of love 
but no one to give it to
so i put my words on paper
posted them to the net
and got someones attention
that i will never forget
her name is Carolyn Devonshire
and she's quite the poet too
she had so much that i admired
a true friend through and through
some mornings i'm up early
before the sun can shine
i picture Sara Kindrick
with her caffine and my rhymes
my secret girlfriend Linda
i might see any time
she must be writing poetry
because she writes all the time
then there's Phillis Babcock
she's my biggest fan
she read my each and every poem
ever since i can't remember when
and who is Anne Lise Andresen
she's quite detremined we see
she comments on so many poems
it's my guess she speed reads
i love Catie Lindsey
we met so long ago
her pretty  eye's and smile
matches her poetry flow
pray for Linda Marie
the sweetheart of us all
i asked for her to pray for me
all i had to do was call
how long have i known Andrea
she's been so sweet to me
she always comes by
to see what she can read
i have a lot of fans 
that i have deeply touched
Gwendolen Rix is one of those
who tells me this so much
the plight of Joy Wellington
has us all up in arms
her and David Smallings
only lasted yae long
Yasmin Khan is special
she once called me over the hill
folks won't know how special
until i hit her with the bill
one day i found a writer
who reminded me of me
her words possesed true meaning
her names Elizabeth Wesley
not long after April died 
while tears still wet i cried
then came Charolotte Puddifoot
and with her i was surely took
Vie Bombardieri sponsored a contest
and i must admit i did my very best
my brain worked over time on what i submited
but as far as the contest it was hardly complimented 
Lisa Cooper the Dark Poetess
Has a talent not many posses
With words and fantasies she weaves
Bards that are sure to please
Charma sweet Charma
You still cross my mind
But with the new baby
You probably don't have time
And about the two Carols
That keep comming around
Carol Eastman and Carol Brown
They say Carol Eastman lives in my town
Natalie Rhymer, is she still on?
She's so riske I thought she'd be gone
I read her one day and she touched my heart
Her poem called "My Affiction" tore me apart
Now if there are two guys
That i'd like to mintion
Sometimes I think their one in the same
But Carolyn says they're different
I give them respect
Because they are the best
On the soup besides me
Sydney Beck or John Heck slay me