Halloween night

Written by: HEATHER ROE

Halloween night

Dark as night with the moon shining bright,
The children are ready for a Halloween fright
You’ll need your coat, bag and flash light.

Now the goblins and ghouls will dance in delight
But the Jason’s, Freddie’s and Michaels this night
Will scare you to death so hold moms hand tight!

When you walk on a porch it will creek and sound scary
When you open the door you may see bloody marry
Or perhaps just the sight of a beautiful fairy

You’ll open you're bag at you're trick or treat stop
And in the bag some candy will drop
You’ll want to keep going tell it’s filled to the top.

The fogs setting in and the moonlight is thin
The gloom is pulling your fears out again
So you tell your mom you want to go in.

Not so fast the candy we'll test
In that machine, where they x-ray your chest
Don’t argue with me for mother knows best.

BY HEATHER ROE  10/15/2012