just like the flowers

Written by: nastoshia siedlecki

For every person is counted in a 
Hated nor loved accepted nor faded
Like a flower in a patch
Dished out in a bunch or one single 
A life be saved symbolizes love
Even if no one intends to
Like a flower gave shows care
Multiple people enjoying the 
beautiful weather with friends or 
Like a flower in the summer
Can shine just as well during night 
or day
A sad loved one passes away
Having a room full of people with 
sympathy or not
Like a flower for sorrow
The forget-me-not handed out for 
Left forgotten on the street with 
help or left to die
Like a flower in the winter
Gardens wither away
We rest in peace spending an 
eternity in a wooden cage
Buried or cremeted
Like a flower in a cemetery
What lays on top be with us life to 
Just like the flowers