On the third day

Written by: Chantel Matthee

When I look at you with a sudden devilish glare
White tears of blood drip from eyes
In this chapped church you call your house
How cold it is
As I walked forth
For the ghost of you does exist

My heart beats a thousand pulses
As my eye’s dare to stare at thy cross
I do not blink

A cold and icy shiver runs down my spine
Ears deafen with a sharp ring from thousand of angel whispers
I fall to my knees on mercy

I’m battered and bruised from head to toe
I’m engorged from head to toe with demonic blood
Oh Lord… I beg of you to forgive me

Oh how I’ve sinned my Lord
My dear God… Punish me for what I have done and for what I’m about to do
I cannot contain myself

My mind is filled with holocaust crimes
This dweller with in my soul leaded me into temptation
Banish this evil dweller within my soul