My Poem to Naa

Written by: Nii-Ayi Solomon

I am writing this poem to the woman I love,
This poem tells the story of my heart,
It’s the true reflection of my fondness for an African queen,
Naa, your beauty overwhelms me.

This poem is the expression
Of the thoughts and intents of my heart.
I will sing of your praises,
For you’re black and natural.
Naa, you represent the pride of our motherland.

I have long been searching.
Wondering in the backwoods of love,
Hoping to find a true African beauty,
Naa, a true reflection of African intricacies.

My poem to you has the power,
To resurrect the weakness in you.
To give hope to your darkened dreams.
And to revitalize your love for me.

For your heart was yesterday broken,
Today is filled with all freshness,
And my love is here with all sweetness,
Naa, allow me to love you.
For love is scarce as ice in the desert

The birds of the air saw this poem,
And they sung of its content.
The wind heard of the intentions of this poem,
And blew it to your corridor.
The flowers sense its arrival,
And are now blossoming.

My poem is here to excite you.
To curve those smiles on your face once more
Come Naa and let’s go to the field of the lilies,
And spend the night under the moon light.
For we have a lot of catching up to do

This is a new season to love.
For I cannot wait for your love,
To be showered upon me.