Angel of Bellicose

Written by: Nick Yuknalis

She said, I was her little angel
But over the years I found
Bloodied halos and swords of fire
I was not, the angel you sent to play savior
The decimation of Sodom, the leveling of Gomorrah
The materialization of artistic achievement
I was created, when God spilled vials of wrath
The bloodied mist from Heaven
Swirling and condensing
I formed, from left over God particles from Satan's chemistry set
I swore, that I would seek justice
But it seemed justice didn't give a damn about me
We fought, for greater goods and lesser evils
Until the evils reckon, leading to my reckoning
I fell, cast from the realms of my creation
Shredded wings sibilant like steam as I plummet
I became, a beautiful beast bound beneath Barzakh
A bloodied bane blessed with the bizarre brilliance
Sight and genius, bringing balance beyond discretion
Angling the scales, shattering the saint of the meek