Written by: Hazel Connelly

(This poem was wrote as a challenge, a tribute to  Laurel and Hardy, so this was taken from  songs).

On a mountain in Virginia, Stands a lonesome pine
Just below the cabin, home of a little girl of mine,
Having the time of our lives
Far from our girlfriends and wives.

Since January, April, June or July
Snowtime, pay no time to stay,
We're going to see, we're going to see
We're going to see my home in Dixie.

I knew I'd found my paradise
Honolulu baby, where did you get those eyes?
I'm in love with you
With your eyes so blue.

You do the tango jiggle
With a Texas Tommy wiggle,
Fast his hands, his carbine hold,
It is his best friend of old.

When clouds are grey, when skies are blue,
Come rain or shine I'm happy too,
You are the ideal of my dreams,
I've loved you forever it seems.

You toldme things you never meant,
And made me think them too,
Well here's another nice mess
You've gotten me into.