A Spooky Night

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

Title: A Spooky Night

A ghostly night of scary costumes and colored painted masks
But an old wicked witch lives in a haunted house on a hill
While a gruesome mummie walks around with a white cast.
And the witch's shadow creeps upon the stained window sill.

There lies a Dracula who twirls his black cape until he finds one
White-pointed fangs, sharp teeth, and darkest black hair that shines
As he larks through the night until an early morning rise of the sun,
And leeps in the dark of a creepy graveyard filled with cross-signs.

Many spooky tales of monsters and scary things and black cats
Lies a skeleton with a skull in a coffin of silky white satin sheets,
For midnight strikes the clock and Frankenstein tips his orange hat.
With halloween trickers dressed in spider-web stockings on their feet.

A spider crawls and creeps slowly onto his spiral web and nests.
Many ghosts walks through the haunted house with eerie noises too
But please beware of the  long-tailed rats running as their pets.
So "Happy Halloween", trickers or treaters with a great big "Boo"!

Yolaine Armitage