Written by: Eric Zivanai

When I die
Pen writes a lie
deny my will, A thrill laying in a box
pain haunts, but a curse stalks
when I die, The day my crippled happiness walks
I will leave earth, living, I bleed all my worth
existance has becaome meaningless
death walks towards me with a clean dress
My distant love, mistress
mourn the day I depart, Torn there's emptiness in my heart
stood above all serpents, but failed to bring unity among my parents
separated, raise in a broken shelter
"I love you mother" thats what I tell her
When I die, let no one else die
for my wrongs are within my corpse
in your hearts belong my memories thoughts and hopes
stay strong, remeber where you come from
after years have gone, you all shall join me, the day I long
When I die, bury me with a expectational mind and eye!!