Written by: Farida Akhtar

My love, O dear, isn’t confined 
to you alone
You are mortal and my love 
My undying love goes beyond 

I love the moon that gives me 
moonlit nights
I love the stars that are woven 
in the sky
I love the sun that brightens 
my days
I love mighty oceans and 
fathomless seas

I love mountains, embodiment 
of height and strength
I love the village where my 
mother lives
And its earth the custodian of 
my ancestors’ bones 
I love rains that brings crops, 
fruits and flowers

I love music and rhythm of 
dancer’s Payal  
I am a born lover, my love 
knows no bounds
It traverses the earth and 
scales gigantic skies
To reach the Throne of the 
Creator, the God!