A Collegiate Remembrance

Written by: chris falvey

yesterday arrived at my doorstep
flashing her exuberance
through contagious smiles and sculpted features
painted images flickered through my memory
as seasons remembered
the autumn colors that bordered concrete
structures paying homage
to this choice of knowledge

the textbook carriers scurried hungrily 
from door to door
and unlocked pent up furys at 
local dance clubs
the white that fell blanketed the ugliness
w/ virginal qualities
pure driven

and i mask the emotions that lie far from dormant
which soon give way to fluorescent colors
promised by springs birth
discard the hatching of words and expressions 
i wear like clothing
and embrace the celebrations shared on sandy shores
where bronze bodies lie glistening under summer suns
toe-tapping to the sounds of canned Muzak
while games of limbo attract young , agile 
flexing forms

the rhytmatic tides played background to 
laughing children, playing under the safety net of watchful
far removed from urban wear and tear 
grateful for weekend sanctuaries amist loved ones

these images flourish inside my head