Written by: chris falvey

caught between sundown and sunset
two shadows wound as one
tangled sheets , doors unlocked
toiling for the faceless, loveless
whose fate was not to speak

for every solitary figure
gathering blankets for warmth
against the winter's night
for the countless silhouettes 
painted on Macys vacant walls

for every heartbreak that cracked our skin
for every lost smile
fallen thru the cracks
thru the seasons, and birth of each graying hair

for every child, whose face displayed a tale
and the confused
whose rules cannot be broke
for the lonesome lovers 
whose embrace under these frigid nights
cannot be broke

so i'm preaching for
the two aching ones
clinging to each other
under midnights purple cape

suspended between past and promise
under a curtain
fallen from too personal a tale
eyes moist , nurtured

where words
are shipwrecked vessels
floating aimlessly overhead

two echo emotion
trapped beneath heavy quilts
anchored within each other's arms
and soft flesh

whose wounds thought 
would go unnursed
under the security
of thunder and lightning

two lay splayed
across the broken sheets
previously misplaced
among other faces

maybe for each person
whose promise 
escaped them
this painting breathes