Written by: john loving iii

sometimes i think about moments
sometimes i think about special moments
and i know that i can never
receive another gift
and feel the same
i can never make another
promise in any name
i can never feel again 
what i gave away
though i try again and again
April took my love away
away with her to this very day
i cannot hurt for anyone else
i cannot give of my deepest self
i cannot dream like i dreamed of her
i have no desire for anyone on earth

at time i try to come to terms
with myself
find someone, anyone
yet having nothing to offer
no feeling, no desire, no passion
only temporal lust
should someone try to find me
they'd find someone they shouldn't trust
even though i'm an honest person
there could never be an  us
my moments would steal me away
and lesser love show up
a defeat by love that is in a grave
is still a betrayal of trust