Written by: Hlengiwe Mzileni

Just the other day we walked on shells
Afraid to verbalise what our brains would say
You complimented me about my eyes  
Sweet words flowed through those lips I call mine
Conversations that lasted for hours, 
Had us floating in our own bubble of smiles
You and me.
Me and you.
We are. Entwined.
Like the tree needs its roots in order to grow,
So my love for you I will show
We are. Entwined.
As the sock always goes with a shoe, 
I too, will be there with you
We are. Entwined.
Like the thread blends admirably with every stitch,
I'll hold your hand when we pass every ditch
We are. Entwined
You and me
Me and you. 
We are.