If only I Could

Written by: mike patrick

If only I could

I would give you the sun
just to brighten your day
I would give you the moon, in darkness
just to light your way

I would give you my trust
to take away your fears
I would give you all the laughter
to keep away the tears

I would carry your burden
to help ease the load
I would give you a compass 
That always chose the right road

I would walk behind you
to catch you when you fall
I would answer your prayers
I would be there when you call

I would give you my heart
to call your own
I would give you my love,
all that is known

We all know someone, or maybe it's you, that is to the point of giving up on life or dealing with extreme hardships. I wish I could personally help everyone that needs it. I hope when you read this, if there is someone that comes to mind, take the time to let them know you care, let them know they never have to try to take life on alone. Be the Difference in their life, it may save yours.