The Importance of History

Written by: Tiffiny Hagan

History, schmistory.
Or, so you say;
But without history
Do you know,
Where we'd be today?
For history is yesterday, 
teaching today
How to live tomorrow,
So that it can live a life
Of happines,
Not sorrow.
Oh, but alas, the lessons
Of the past are spurned;
At the cost of the future,
Its great lessons
Are not learned.
We live for the present,
That "here and now."
We give in to our pleasures,
To each whim
We bow.
Yet if we forget the past,
We'll only repeat it;
And the future we seek?
We'll never truly
See it.
So history is important,
For you see,
With out history
We're not better off
Than the fish
In the sea.