Season of Mist and Mellow Fruitfulness

Written by: julie heckman

The mist in California lives only fifty
feet from the beach, otherwise there is
no mist only bright bright skies and 
a very hot sun...after all we are the
desert. Living 13 blocks from the ocean
it is over 90 degrees during the day now,
as I hear it is turning a colorful autumn 
on the East coast. 

Surely in our autumn the figs begin to
hang from the trees as do the pears and 
persimmons. But the heat doesn't let up 
until November. It is not unusual to have 
Santa Ana winds, hot winds, blowing 
the kids over on Halloween.

The winters are a laugh here there is 
no snow unless you drive up to the top
of the local mountains and rain doesn't
happen for long. Yet Spring in California 
last at least seven months which is the 
blessed reason we all live here.

This has been a very hot, long hot 
summer yet, by the beginning of 
November it will be over and winter
rain usually doesn't arrive until
February. I'm looking forward to
the cooling air of our tame winter.