Teacher, Teacher

Written by: Susan Burd

Teacher, teacher, she’s touching me
And I haven’t liked her since we were three.

Help, teacher!  He says if I don’t stop
He’ll give me a karate chop.

Oh boy, teacher, I have a stomach ache.
How long’s this lesson gonna take?

Teacher, teacher, my head feels hot.
But, I don’t wanna get a shot!

Teacher, teacher, I hafta go.
If you don’t let me, I think I’ll blow.

Gosh, my water bottle got me wet!
Hey, teacher, is it lunchtime yet?

Teacher, teacher I’m all muddy
And scraped my knee and now it’s bloody.

Teacher!  Ow, teacher my tooth is jiggly.
What?  I can’t sit still.  My feet are wiggly.

Oh, no!  Teacher, my pencil broke again.
Why are you always countin’ to ten?

Sniff, sniff, teacher!  I’m feeling sick.
I better go to the nurse real quick.

Where you goin’ teacher?  Why you sittin’ down?
Did you just say you’re leavin’ town?

What’s the matter, teacher?  You don’t look so good.
Ain’t we behavin’ the way we should?

Don’t worry teacher.  Tomorrow you’ll be great!
We’ll be back in the morning at half-past eight!

By Susan Burd © 2011