Crazy Squirrel

Written by: Donald Waugh Sr.

I saw this crazy squirrel a running,
he must have thought I was a nut.
When he tried to bite my leg,
I turned and kicked him in the butt.

Then I chased him through the yard,
he ran up this great big tree.
That crazy squirrel jumped on a branch,
and he threw a nut at me.

I looked around and found a rock,
and I threw it really hard.
It must have hit him on the head,
because he fell down to the yard.

So I picked him up and held him,
I said please don't be dead.
He came to and looked at me,
then he bit me on the head.

That's when he jumped down to the ground,
and he turned and laughed at me.
I yelled out your a crazy squirrel,
and he ran back up the tree.