Scorpions and time

Written by: Theresa Rossouw

© Theresa Rossouw

Loving you takes nothing of my strength,or my physical abilities,just an act of absolute devotion, love’s poetry in motion.
 In my mind your face is imprinted,your name engraved on the panels of the passages of my heart,there seems to be no beginning to it, no start…
 Your voice a melody of joy sung in the fibre of my being. Rapturous warmth in the vision of your eyes. The way your soul and mine entertwine,vines of love entangle our hearts,wills,bodies and souls, the vast echoes of our existance sing.
 Twinflames,burning bright together in a universe vast. I called you to me with verse and rhyme. Of stars and scorpions and time. Woven together our destinies are forever,part of each other,whether near or far, always together. 
Death itself could not hamper or burden our destiny,divide the oneness of you and me.  We will always be part of the other, one heart,one intellect,one mind and one love, woven together in the courts of the gods above. 
In the spiritworld we are tied forever,the cord that binds will I sever never. One day when the stars align and the Oracle speaks, then again we will meet, and wonder the glow of the golden street.