My love

Written by: Theresa Rossouw

© Theresa Rossouw
I wake up in the morning feeling your arms around me. The night has rolled up and gone to rest. As the sun warms the day, my heart is warmed by your love for me, beating at its best. 
You cherish me and value me, what more could a woman ask for, or want than to hear the word, adore. I am delighted to hear your voice, to read your messages, missing you not an option, my spirit’s first choice. 
Though you’re at work, I sense you with me all the time. Your presence stills my lonely being, chases my shadows away. Every moment spent loving you worth so much more each day. For all the years Bok, that you have loved me, thank you. A gift it’s been, one easily seen. Precious, rare and true, my promise, my word, I love you too. . For all eternity it will my soul does cry, just you and I.
a Rossouw