Written by: Theresa Rossouw

Straggly, unkempt ,untimely,rudely interrupive,you break down doors and rush in. Devouring, hungry, famished you grab and steal.Breaking, shattering, leaving wounds, we need to mend and heal.
Laughing, smiling, you take what is ours, rejoicing in your victory, smiling,as we cringe and our emotions unhinge.
We mourn, we anger, we row, we hate, we fury, we weep.Hiding our pain inside hollow shells, cracked and leaking. Time passes, cracks close, wounds scab, anger fades, memories linger, and our ship of sorrow no longer sinking. Hearts sigh, minds alter, hands reach, a fire burns, flames leaping, roaring. We know they have gone afore us, restful, happy, safe, painless, their spirits soaring. 
Then we turn on you, grab you hard and smile wantonly, our mourning has turned to dancing, the robber now been robbed.