Sweet hopes

Written by: jamal Abboud

My sweet hopes toddle in thy world of fair love,
While full of dull pride still l creep in existence, 
Naked bland youth dwells vainly where I dissolve
With ruined tragic will of bare dreamy innocence.
Charmed was I with my bliss in thy presence,
And my senses emptied my chest of chilly pain,
And the aches in my heart during thy absence,                                 
And cowards in me pertained to my sceptic strain,           
In the circle of bitterness of my life in despair,    
 My heart, I found hovering where once I lost, 
As fair as when first blossomed in gracy care,
With promising love resting with a noble host,
      So time of evil still aligns barren lines and sings,
     My soul with thy love shall have light feet and wings