Goodnight, My Daddy Love

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

Still, as ever forward motion;
We are all dancers at the Edge of Time
With inside information known to few...
Consigned on stolen parchment...

Just one last poem for my Father
Who was supposed to live forever.
But life betrays us all
At the inimitable end...or beginning.

Daddy, I loved you so;
How did you become a mortal man
While I grew up impossible
Inside the shelter of your haphazard love...?

You were never supposed to die.
You promised me you were invincible...
And your passing was my crucible
Of pain and fire...and freedom.

I never believed you well and truly gone
Until tonight...
When the sound of early thunder
Did not frighten me
Back into your strong arms..

And now...
I can say good-bye,
My Daddy love.

Be at peace.
Watch over me...

Good night, I can now remember
With out tears....

Good night.