Always but never for ever

Written by: Edward Orozco

Many tears fell to her name, many 
sunrises I saw awaiting her call
Childish, all but sincere a heart may break 
and get lost but never forgets
Stolen emotions built upon doubt, only the 
soul goes but not the heart
Today you smile on your feet yet your 
heart hides behind your tounge 
Where were you when I fell, when I 
needed you most
Where were you when tears rained from 
my soul
You don't have to be with someone to love 
them its what you said
You say my love wasn't fake, but more 
fake is the mask you wear as you pretend
As you pretend to have found love, when 
all you have found is but companionship
You seek and if to find, and you speak as if 
you no lomger pain
Aged are the lies that sweep beneath you
Integrity you once knew 
Love perhaps never
Do your life as i will do mine

Til never,

A heart unknown