free cee

Written by: jeffry cohan


Meryl was once mine
And she was merry
She was Meryl
Meryl was mine
Meryl was my sunshine
My way to douse the darkness with an ample dose of joy

I rode a motorcycle with Meryl
I trained moonbeams with Meryl
When the moon and my Meryl reigned supreme
Meryl was a dream answered by angels who rule over luster and love
Meryl meant merriment and a mystic meaning of bemusement
Meryl and I ran rampant through an amusement park where children’s laughter was the music Meryl made

A place where fantasies never fade
And cotton candy cascades over casual afternoons and afterthoughts made by the mysticism of Meryl

Meryl and the music she made
With due attention to my intentions paid
Meryl was Merlot with the finest finesse of fine wine
Meryl momentarily was mine
By design
Meryl was momentarily mine
   © 2012…copyright.PHREEPOETREE...~free cee!~