Broken, Awoken Memories

Written by: Nicole King

Once upon a time.
I went running back to it,
Probably not the brightest idea,
Straight through the glass that was left there,
Shattered, battered, and now broken.
I was left in a dazed, hazen dream,
And now I'm awoken,
Broken, awoken, i want to toke,
Watch all the pain go up in smoke,
And pretend that one day you'll be able to stroke,
You're fingertips through the broken glass,
The memories can become reality a'lass,
And everything can hit me way too fast.
Like a dream, I'll watch you dissipate in front of me,
Just like before, my eyes will rain in the same old place,
As I'm running away again, fading, fading; there you go again.