Just Like Daddy Used To ,,,For abused children and formerly abused people everywhere

Written by: Nicole King

Don’t you remember when you were young,
I’d assume you recall tons of fun.
Snowmen, running, and baking in the sun?
Well, don’t you wish that were for everyone.
Now time’s come, and memories are gone,
And we all have a rather bitter song,
Playing in the back of our heads out of tune,
At least we do, at least we do.
Now I don’t know what a mommy is,
And daddy, he is in an abyss,
Probably much sweeter than mine,
At least he actually has some light.
Now here I am laying next to you,
And you stroke me with love and then with abuse,
I remember the feelings from before,
You ever came to knock on my door.
Back when daddy said he would kill me,
When mommy said she wished I would die,
And daddy pushed me down and walked away,
Can mommy love me even if it is a lie?
Cause mommy left and daddy left, and now you’re leaving too,
You’ll bruise me, beat me, hurt me, kick me, but you’ll be back, and I can count on you.

I wrote this poem with a special friend in mind who has recently undergone traumatic things from an abusive childhood and many abusive relationships. Also, for all of my friends who were abused as children, and for any child suffering from abuse now or ever. May you hold strong through it. It can all be over if you let it. I did, and I love you