Written by: Susan Burd

Pink is fizzy and sometimes puffy.
Like cotton candy, it can be fluffy.
But, did you ever stop to think,
What if there was no color pink?

For instance, chewing bubble gum
Would be so boring and ho-hum,
‘Cause it is no fun either way
Blowing bubbles in white or gray.

What would we call our finger and toe?
The smallest ones we have - you know.
Instead of calling them our “pinkies,”
We would have to say they’re “dinkies!”

The arrival of new baby girls,
Wearing cute dimples and little curls,
Would mix up storks’ deliveries
With only little blue blankies!

You’d dance the polka out of step
And likely lose your perk and pep.
Your feet would tangle up in knots
Not sporting those pink polka dots.

Dropping coins in a green piggy bank,
Would sound real dull, more like a clank.
So you might as well save your dimes and nickels
In a big jar of sweet crunchy pickles!

Iced animal crackers wouldn’t taste the same.
We’d call spumoni by another name.
And dreaming of pink flying elephants
Would be more than just utter nonsense.

So, imagine this-
When something strikes your fancy
And makes you feel good inside,
You couldn’t be tickled pink, but turquoise.
Now, that’s just plain hue-icide!

But it’s certainly not at all too late
For you to decide this color’s fate.
There’s no need to get too distraught-
I’ll leave you with some food for thought:

The next time a pink grapefruit squirts you in the eye
And stings when you blink and makes you cry,
Just take a moment to stop and think
How much you appreciate the color pink!

By Sue Burd © 2010