Promises - My Daughter's Eyes

Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

There was such beauty where I lived
Past landscape my father designed so long ago...
And I remember Mountain Street;
The sounds of early Summer all around the house..
The unencumbered freedom
And the taste of clear, pure water
Stolen from a neighbor's well hidden behind the windmill.

And just past your Poppa's verdant lawns
A gentle wildness was allowed.
He loved the earth
And let me wander as I would have anyway
Straight on those hidden paths I knew
Into my secret place..
I sat between the here and now
To watch the Summer's fullness edging closer;
Surrounded by my favorite friends:
The wild bluberry bushes.

My special place, alive and rambling on
In lush perfection for a lonely little girl
Covered with freckles.
My friends, covered with their sapphire treasures -
The size and weight which bore them down
Were offered as a gift to me;
Their color: electric blue and perfect...
We were great friends in all seasons..

And we made promises to each other
In the deepest heart of Summer,
Just before the last years of my childhood
And your Poppa's dreams...
They whispered of a great gift to be given
In a future where their time had passed.

I could hardly remember the exactness of the promise
Until I looked into your eyes when you were 2 days old.

Did you ever wonder, my beloved,
The joy in my recollection
Of the gift so sweetly promised,
And why I call you
Blueberry Eyes...

I love you, daughter mine.