Miss Michener

Written by: Susan Burd

Our teacher, old Miss Michener
Was really rather odd.
She had a nasty twitch in her
That started with a nod.

Sometimes that twitch would form a frown
Upon her painted lips.
And then it moved its way on down
To sway her big old hips.

We couldn’t wait for her to yell
When some of us would bicker,
And at the ring of the lunch bell
Her eyelids made a flicker.

These were such fun days, in and out-
Enjoying her odd quirks.
We tried our best to make her shout
Just waiting for those jerks.

But one day as we counted math
Miss Michener had enough.
She let out all her fiery wrath
In one big steamy huff.

She stomped hard twice, upon the floor
And marched across the room,
Then flung open the closet door
And grabbed the class’s broom.

Our mouths gaped open, really wide.
We stared as she took flight-
Straight through the window, right outside,
Then zoom, clear out of sight.

Our teacher, old Miss Michener
Was more than we could see-
She had a nasty witch in her,
But we had set her free!

By Susan Burd © 2011