Fall into Spring

Written by: Susan Burd

Autumn sun is going down, down, down.
Red leaves are turning brown, brown, brown.
Swift geese are flying south, south, south.
Hot cocoa warms my mouth, mouth, mouth.

The air is blowing cold, cold, cold.
Cornfields are growing old, old, old.
Blue skies change to gray, gray, gray.
I wish fall could stay, stay, stay.

Bonfire flames shoot high, high, high
Into the starry sky, sky, sky.
The only thing I fear, fear, fear
Is winter drawing near, near, near.

Bright colors start to fade, fade, fade
Into the darkness of the shade, shade, shade.
White snow mounds up in piles, piles, piles
And goes on for miles, miles, miles.

North wind chills my bones, bones, bones.
Frigid river creeps and moans, moans, moans.
This season seems too long, long, long
Till warm sun shines strong, strong, strong.

When flowers pop and bloom, bloom, bloom.
Their fragrance lifts my gloom, gloom, gloom.
Then my heart will sing, sing, sing,

Susan Burd ©2010