Falsely Imprisoned

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

James Bain imprisoned in jail for a crime he did not commit
Proclaiming his innocence that took a long 35 years to acquit
Accused of raping a nine year old boy, when he was just nineteen 
That his young life would be stolen from him was devastatingly unforeseen
All because he fit the description, a case of mistaken identity
Now facing years of hardships, gone the days of relaxed serenity
The mental anguish he must have endured, one can not conceive
Yet, he's not angry or bitter, angst most of us could not perceive
Four motions were denied for DNA testing on his case
The fifth proved his innocence and became his saving grace
Released when he was 54, with a smile that doesn't leave his face
He says: "it's because I got God", his devout faith he does embrace
Now positive and happy, he is an inspiration to all mankind
To fight and not to give up hope when dealt cards justly unkind.

Sponsor ~ Black Eyed Susan
Contest Name	~ Wrongful Imprisonment or Sentenced