Things I'm yearning

Written by: Aed Hashim Sheik Ahmad

Do you think I will ever get
Of things that I’ve been yearning
A whole year stock of chocolates I get
That will certainly make me beaming
What about something entertaining
A pirahna as a pet
Or a dragon so intimidating
Or something that noone forgets
I yearn for a flying carpet,
That brings me to the land of rainbow
Or a broomstick that moves like a jet
Taking me to places I want to go

What about a fountain of youth
In a secret place noone knows
Imagine I retain my youth
Everyone definitely wants to know
I yearn of a distance star, a planet of my own
I yearn for a house on a mountain, with a garden of my own
With my loved ones I’ll be living 
Listening to nightigales singing
I’ll find the secret of true loves
For everyone that needs them
To them I shall then serve
With a portion of each of them
But hey! Do you think I will ever get
All the things I’ve been mentioning
Or should I just forget
All these things that I’ve been dreaming