You are a much loved mother

Written by: Cordelia Neumann

        You are a much loved mother
        Who is missed each passing day
        You were always there to listen, to guide us on our way.
        You possessed the greatest gift, the kind that can`t be bought,
        That is what made you special, the love you gave us all.
        You had so much to give, such a caring heart,
        A nature that was so gentle,
        A smile that shon so bright.

        For today we stand here thinking of how time has slipped away,
        Of all that we have shared, with the passing of each day.
        We recall all the happiness,
        The mountains you have climbed
        And the beautiful memories that are there,
        That you have left behind.

        So walk amongst the bluebells, be free to say farewell,
        We are proud you are our mother,
        You`ll never be far away.

        Never to be forgotten, your memory will live on,
        For life with you continues with generations still to come.
        For they have a little gift they inherited from you.
        To be a person to be proud of, as we are of you.