Tango Serenade

Written by: Omneya Kamal

Her red dress
Flowing in the air
Like flames
It burns,
Her wide hazel eyes
Sharply looks,
Her Brown tall curls
Whenever she turns around
and makes a loud sound
with her high healed black sandals,
Her thick red lips
softly sings.

He passionately plays his violin,
His stick goes back and forth
on its strings,
His arm quickly moves,
His deep black eyes
directly stares at her;
tracing every movement
waiting every reaction.

She feels she wants more,
She can move more,
dance more,
He provides her with energy;
His eyes, his smile,
His music controles
every movement she makes,
every sound she utters.

His stick,
His magnetic force,
His creative powers
invites her to life
He is a magician!

She can dance forever,
look at his face forever,
hear his music forever,
love him forever.


He owns the world.