alone at the seaside

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Alone at the Seaside. 

Sunday, October sunlight, I´m at the marina admiring 
a boat made of wood, hull, deck and the bridge; I was 
dreaming of mystical islands in the Pacific. An elderly 
man near me spoke, said it was his ship, it had been
a fishing vessel…Asked if I wanted to come onboard 
and have a look…Yes thank you. Everything onboard 
was spick& span, but noticed the freezer in the pantry 
took too much space. The cargo hold of his vessel was 
converted a salon, but why all those black silk pillows, 
on sofas and chairs? Thought it sinister. The man was 
standing too near me taking up my pace and breathing 
my air. Back on deck he invited me for an afternoon trip, 
but told him I had to go home for my tea. Driving home 
I thought of the freezer again, perhaps he wanted to lure 
to the open sea throttle me with one of the black pillows 
cut me into pieces and put each part in nice plastic bags with
name tags on, say, left leg, shoulder bone, thigh and foot. 
use them as bait when he went shark fishing. Once again 
my hunch had saved my life.