Wind Swept

Written by: Juniper Lock

Wind carry me softly and gently to a place in the sky 
or maybe to a place far away where my thoughts can escape. 
Where on wings these imaginations and dreams can fly. 
I sit here waiting wind for you to transport me 
lift me up and carry me effortlessly. 
I feel weightless like a feather in your grasp. 
You are the depth of me. 
You won't let go of me wind. 
You will not carelessly drop me 
and watch my pieces fall to the ground. 
You may twirl me around 
and become a tempest to reckon with. 
But you will always appear to lift up my spirit. 
Your gale force is bold yet illusive. 
yet it is never intrusive or destructive. 
How did you become the wind? 
is this just a thing I am feeling again? 
It is no accident i felt you yesterday 
tickle my neck and brush my hair behind my ear. 
It is serendipitous in fact 
how suddenly wind you blew through my days. 
This current you stir up is a zephyr that blows 
cautiously but decidedly so. 
Just when I think I have grabbed onto your gust 
I lose my grip and am thrust, yet I never completely fall. 
I come back with a palm full of nothing but invisible air. 
and suddenly the atmosphere is calm not a breeze in my hair. 
But I always know that this typhoon will gain power and strength again 
and I will be the one riding on the wind.