My sad story

Written by: Seren Roberts

We were at school together
Was one of our group.
But boys not on my mind
Too much studying to do.

We went out and  about
As friends do.
Gradually i noticed
A group became two.

Always together, 
Silently studying I know
We have exams to pass,
University to go.

We separated then
Each went our own way.
Meet up in the holidays
So much to say.

Gradation at last
Homeward bound.
Take up where we finished
Now time is allowed.

We start our careers
Meet up when we can
I realised at last
This was the man.

But fate was in store
Not on our side
He got cancer
In two years was dead

Been a long time in that tunnel
Where you can hide
Til you are ready
To reach other side

Now I can face the world again
So I write poetry and paint .
Have  my work,
Geez,  I sound like a saint

Not looking for love
It will find me.
Have the constant companion
In my rescue boxer Tilly.