Fate and Forgiviness

Written by: kathryn ramirez

The gavel fell, and my world disappeared,
I was locked in a nightmare about my worst fear.
How could this have happened? How can this be?
I AM INNOCENT, why am I not free?
I did nothing to her!!!! Yet she still lied.
Now all my my NFL dreams have died!
Look at me, I am here, uniformed and barred.
Learning how to forgive her, even though it's hard.
I found God here, inside this sinfilled place!
I still hold my head high, I am not disgraced.
Year after year, that busy world outside just carries on.
I have faith, for my hope, my potential, will never be gone.
That day finally came when her guilt made her confess to her crime.
I got a second chance at life, I will live it to the fullest for the rest of my time.