Written by: Zelda Cane

From yelling all around, 
My throat aches,
From the world around, 
My heart breaks.
My only hope is eventually
My life it takes.

When no one was there for me,
I welcomed the pain,
It kept my in place,
My own personal chain,
It wakes me from my nightmare
Of my heart being slain.

I have nowhere to go 
Being chained to the ground,
I have no one to go to,
I feel I can't make a sound,
Stuck in the middle of nowhere,
I fear I will never be found.

The tears escaping 
Cause my eyes to burn,
"I need someone there,"
My heart and mind yearn,
But the feelings go away 
And I have nothing more to learn.

I believe that there 
Is nothing left for me,
No more places to go,
No more people to see,
Instead I feel nothing,
I feel empty.