Written by: louis rams


I know that I’m a dreamer - I don’t think
The world will ever change
But if we don’t try something
It will forever remain the same.

In six days the LORD made every thing that you see
On the seventh day he rested- but left it for you and me.
This was the day that he called “ choice”
And with that - he gave us a voice.

We now had a right to choose what he had given
Or make the change to what we call living.
He had given it all to us, but self greed overcame
EVE ate the apple, and it’s never been the same.

I know that I am dreaming and it may never come true
But I’ll continue dreaming until my days on earth are through.
This dream of peace , love , and harmony will always 
Be in my mind, so join in my dream and it will turn out fine.

© L . RAMS