This is How it Starts

Written by: ilene bauer

On the tennis court, my knee
Gave me a little pain.
Walking down the steps, I also
Felt a little strain.

Then today, I tried to run
Across a busy street;
That knee seized up to slow me down – 
I hobbled in defeat.

I’m sure it’s just arthritis
But it made me start to think
I’m heading into the abyss
Or else I’m on the brink.

For as the years go by, we see
Our youth as it departs;
And when we can no longer run,
Well, this is how it starts.

I’m waiting now and wondering,
If age has got me hexed,
Which part of brain or body
Is about to fail me next.

So step right up and place your bet;
I’ll keep you up to date.
The possibilities, profuse,
Are open to debate.