Angel Dust

Written by: Joyce Johnson

We’ve found it on the newborns
Where it stays for a short while
We have tried to analyze it,
But we cannot get a pile
Big enough for a good sample,
We can only make a guess
Some have said it’s angel dust
Falling from a wing or dress.

If you see a ray of sunshine
Coming through the window pane,
You will see its full of bright dust.
Perhaps you try some to obtain.
You will find it’s moving too fast
And you come up empty handed.
Each speck wiggles like an eel.
Fishing for it, you can’t land it.

I have my own pet idea
You may laugh, I do not care.
And I will listen most politely
To any theory you share.
I think it’s dusted on the infants,
For protection on this Earth.
It’s a souvenir of Heaven
Babies bring us at their birth.

By:  Joyce Johnson