Written by: jamal Abboud

Thou art proud by heritage of thy birth,
Close to heaven and above low earth,
Thou thrive wisely, a graceful wallflower,
A perennial beauty on ancient high tower,
Persuasive bleeding heart of inimitable feat,
Avoiding by thy nature the blind tyrant feet,
Patiently watching in silence of sweet scent,
That ruefully whiffs above my transient bent;
And confidently whispers to my broken shade,
Where with thy poor siblings, in sorrow, I fade,
A body of love wreath without height or weight.  
Thus awareness of some species come bitterly late,
When destination of these are decided by hate
Before birth, condemned to be perished on earth,
Even though, thou fill my sighs with hopeful breath,
 I scarcely can hereafter rise to celebrate thy strength.