Stomp on my heart

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

You …
The charmer of my heart
Enticer of my soul


The day I stumbled on my pathway as I took in
the beauty of you
Your lips opened …my heart trembled
Your touch strummed…my mind turned to mash

If only I’d known…

How dare you stomp on my heart like a welcome rug?
…There you go again apologizing…’the devil led you astray’
Tell me something…
Was he there when you held her hand, caressed her lips, made googly 
eyes at her?
Oh, did he call the cab, drive off to the motel, turn the key?
Was his the rhythm beating when you danced the night away?

STOP!!! Stop your lying! Tears don’t look good on your plastered frowns.
You get down on your knees to grovel…and all that replays on my mind
is the day I saw this grown man swallow his pride, bend down on one knee
and promise to be the keeper of my heart.

Bitter irony.

But not enough to be foolish …two can play the betrayal game.
I reach into my reserve tank to pull out my greatest act
(I could kiss my drama teacher)
I just need some time, I tell you tearfully.

OH YES! Time enough to make sure my passport is in top order
Time enough to change the name on your son’s certificate and formulate
your death certificate (Oh the joys of corruption!)
Time enough to send an anonymous letter to your company alleging misconduct
Time enough to wipe out our joint bank account
Time enough to borrow money from the meanest loan shark, listing
everything in the house as collateral
Time enough to board the plane, child in tow and new horizons to explore. 
(Oh don’t worry about your son, he won’t remember you – you’re dead you know)

Marriage meant EVERYTHING to me
I let you inside…
I gave you all of me.

You betrayed my trust – I owe you NOTHING.