Written by: Carol Eastman

I’m like a kernel in the bottom of the popcorn bowl, as my Trolls abound. But then, I feel all buttered up when my son comes running around. My Hubby gets the munchies, and then runs off to enjoy the Trolls. But he thinks I’m cute and fluffy, yummy… like that popcorn goes. And the dogs look at me like dessert, when all the others have gone. They’re looking for tidbits, falling just for them, to pounce upon. In the morning I start as a tiny kernel; all snuggly, quietly, found. At sunrise, I then start stirring about, and moving all around. As the alarm goes off, the heat goes up, as I jump out of bed. Hitting the ground running, I start bouncing till they’re all fed. I may be popcorn, popping, in that fanciful bowl of mine. But no lid can hold me down… once I hit the ground! Like a bowl of popcorn disappearing, my day unrolls. At night, I’m all used up, when it’s time to wash the bowl. But in between is heaven, as the story of my fanciful life, unfolds. How do I get the energy, to bounce after everyone’s important needs? Love of family is the fuel, keeping me going, and at such speeds.