As Beautiful As You

Written by: Owen Yeates

We are having our front and back garden done
All we can see now is rubbish by the ton
Yet I know when the gardener is through
It will make our house beautiful just like you

We will also be changing the inside around
Due to the conservatory on the back ground
New bathroom and bedroom also to do
To make our house as beautiful as you

All things around us will be altered and changed
It will make all the mayhem seem less deranged
I have you to share it with you will see that it’s true
Our home will be just as beautiful as you

With everything finished sit back in repose
No sight of a flower not even a rose
Yet a flower I espy and very close too
It is you in our house that’s as beautiful as you

I hope this verse will remove some of the worry
For I know it will not happen all in a hurry
When the work is finished I will know what to do
Enjoy our house that’s as beautiful as you